Cedar Court Green Policy

Cedar Court Hotels are proud to be Yorkshire’s largest independent hotel group. The wonderful countryside, wildlife and natural beauty of our surroundings are part of our success. The region welcomes hundreds of thousands of business and leisure visitors to the area each year, drawn by our rolling countryside, rugged coastlines, famous Yorkshire dales and vibrant towns and cities.

We believe that as a large local company employing circa 450 employees across the group and operating four substantial sites, we have a responsibility to implement robust strategies and actions to minimise both our short and long term impact on the environment. To continually search for new ways of working which will further reduce energy consumption across the group, reduce our waste and landfill requirements and increase our recycling opportunities. We aim to keep abreast of new technology which will assist us in further reducing our energy consumption and implement, where commercially viable, the latest equipment and technology at our disposal.

We commit that all future product developments will include light and energy saving devices where commercially viable.

In summary, we aim to:

1. Reduce our energy consumption
2. Reduce our waste disposal and landfill requirements
3. Increase our recycling quantities
4. Research and implement new technologies to assist in the above.
5. Work with our staff and clients to look at new, innovative ways of working to assist in our aims
6. Set ourselves challenging targets in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions which can validate the actions being put in place

Co2 Calculator

Monitor your own Co2 with this Online CO2 Calculator.

We are always looking at ways to offset our carbon – to see how to offset you carbon click here