Cedar Court Green Policy

We are proud to be Yorkshire’s largest independent collection of hotels. Our four hotels are welcoming thousands of business and leisure travellers through our doors each year. Naturally, that comes with great responsibility. Especially towards protecting the wonderful countryside, wildlife, and natural beauty of our surroundings. And this is not a small task, as you can imagine friends. (But we are not the ones to shy away from the challenge and responsibility!).

We understand that a more sustainable future is on the cards, and we want to play our part. It is important to us as a large local company with almost 450 team members that we work on strong strategies. We’ve put forward actions to minimise both our short and long-term impact on the environment and we’ve constantly searched for new ways of working. This will further reduce energy consumption across the group, reduce our waste and landfill requirements and increase our recycling opportunities.

So, what are we going to do about it, you ask?

In short, we’ve been working our socks off to keep abreast of new developments. This will help us in further reducing our energy consumption. We’ve put in place, where possible, the latest equipment and technology. We have committed to using energy-saving devices where possible on all future product developments. And yes, it is more than switching off the lights and sockets when not in use!


So, believe us when we say that we take the Cedar Green Policy SERIOUSLY. Our leadership team took a pledge which is binding with the word of true Yorkshire folk.


  • Reduce our energy consumption
  • Reduce our waste disposal and landfill requirements
  • Increase our recycling quantities
  • Research and install new technologies to assist in the above
  • Work with our staff and clients to look at new, innovative ways of working to assist in our aims
  • Set ourselves challenging energy consumption and CO2 emissions targets


At Cedar Court Hotels, we are always aiming to improve upon our guest services and reduce the impact we as hotels make on the environment. It is very much a key focus for us to ensure our businesses are as sustainable and as friendly to the planet…as we are to you!

Over the last two years, with everyone’s safety in mind, we removed the daily facility of servicing our occupied bedrooms. We did this to both ensure that our guest’s rooms were truly a safe haven during their time with us and in support of our key focus: reducing the environmental impact of this business.

We are pleased to say that we are now operating all our housekeeping functions this way and have committed across our group to make this permanent, positive change. As a result, all of our bedrooms will now only be refreshed on a daily basis should you request this from us during your stay.

(A ‘refresh’ includes: the emptying of bins, the remaking of your bed, resetting of your towels, the cleaning of any used crockery/glassware, and a restock of your hospitality tray. During this refresh, none of your items or any other part of the bedroom will be disturbed. To request this service, please simply place the ‘Refresh’ door hanger on the outside door handle and your room will then be attended to between 9am and 4pm the same day).

Moving forward, all of our bedrooms are now going to be deep cleaned after you leave us, or on the fourth day of your time with us. We are confident that this change will see both a significant improvement in our waste and emissions – as well as ensure your comfort during your time with us.

We hope that you can understand why we are making this important change and that you will be happy to help support us in our Green Policy pledges.



Monitor your own Co2 with this Online CO2 Calculator.

We are always looking at ways to offset our carbon – to see how to offset you carbon click here