A Change in the Weather!

22nd July 2022

After a few days of the hottest weather we’ve ever seen, it’s straight back to rain and clouds. Which got us thinking about business. Even if you have the best few days, weeks, months or even years ever, rain is always ready and waiting.

So what can you do to make sure you’re prepared for your event and combat any situation that may arise? We’ve outlined our top 3 points below to help keep the sun shining on your event!


The number one way to make sure your event or conference is dreary and dull is by not creating enough awareness in the build-up to the event. Marketing and promotion are necessary to create enough of a buzz and keep your event at the forefront of minds to get people there. With so much visual noise online and all around us day to day, it’s harder than ever to create an impact. When you know your goal and the purpose of the event, marketing is always much easier. Get that goal across early and often, remember that often we need multiple touch points with a brand before making a decision, the same goes for booking onto an event. Every time you have an update, make it known on your website, social channels and with the venue. For instance, a new speaker update and bio are always good for potential bookers to know about and adds extra authenticity to your event.

Venue suitability

Check the suitability of your venue! There’s nothing worse than finding out you need extra space, equipment or that certain audio/visual (AV) technology isn’t in place or doesn’t work with your particular setup during the days proceedings. For instance, if you use Apple devices to stream or project onto screens, make sure that the venue has all of the attachments you will need, or source your own ahead of the event. The main consideration here is to know exactly what space you will have, what equipment the venue will provide and any hardware specs that may need extra consideration. There’s nothing worse than starting a presentation to find a key piece of equipment doesn’t work the way you’d expected. Your guests may forgive you, but they won’t forget. Another common mistake when hiring a venue for a large event is to not take parking and transport links into consideration. You want to make sure that the venue you choose has parking facilities on site, or very close by, as well as having good rail and bus links for those who may not be arriving by car.


Creating an engaging event! Another easy way to create a forgettable event is to not include enough engagement. Depending on the type of event you’re holding there are a number of options you could choose, but in particular we find “visual minutes” to be an excellent focal point throughout the day as well as adding keepsakes and material that can be used after the day itself, for instance, they can be turned into thank you cards and posters that live on for weeks or months to come. With the depth of local artist talent we have in Yorkshire, finding the perfect artist for your event doesn’t break the bank but adds so much to the day and most importantly creates memories that get people talking.

Getting it right

At Cedar Court Hotels we have spaces that can accommodate any type of event, with access to all those important necessities whether it be parking, AV, catering or adding entertainment. Do you have an event you need to find the perfect venue for? Talk to our events team today on 01274 406 606.