Summer holidays – Finding a flexible membership to fit around life, work and family

13th June 2022

I love the summer months for some downtime and to sow the seeds for the following season, but with childcare, during the summer holidays, it can be easy to become too accustomed to lazy days without structure.

My neurodiverse brain loves the flow of summer holidays without routine, but it actually thrives better off some structure and then some spaces to create. Plus, as a single parent running a business from home and my daughters not wanting to go to holiday camps, I find myself attending to their every need and often neglecting my own self-care. While I love my mama duties and encourage huge playdates, my dyspraxic brain can feel fried by cooking 10 different meals, tidying up after lively kids when I too make my own mess and trying to keep them entertained.


In order to tame my busy mind, my self-care is writing articles, studying and exercising. While I do try to attempt it late at night when the house is a little quieter, it doesn’t feel like the break and recharge I need after a busy day on the go. But when I do get an extra pair of hands at home, or the kids go to stay with their dad I jam-pack my time and days with work and exercise. Whether you have a neurodiverse brain, children or not, we all need to find ways to take breaks to recharge and refuel.

But as we all lead such unpredictable lives now from shift-working to freelancing to single parenting and travelling with the family or work, we need to find flexible ways to stay well so it fits into our lives rather than adding additional stress. I find the simplest thing is to make time for exercise you enjoy as a starting point. Even the NHS recommends keeping fit to help with your mental health and also for me with my Dyspraxia: “Keep fit – you may find regular exercise helps with co-ordination, reduces feelings of fatigue and prevents you from gaining weight.”

I can get quite distracted at home, so I find it better to push myself out of my comfort zone and get outdoors or in the gym. I find a flexible gym membership and exercise routine works best for most of us, especially over the summer months, so there are no additional barriers to exercising.

I have a flexible gym membership with @cedarcourtfitness in Huddersfield, Bradford and Wakefield. Wakefield is a Leisure Club too with swimming pool, sauna/steam room and jacuzzi besides just a gym so when I do have the kids, I take them swimming.


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FitFlex Gym Huddersfield or Bradford

Leisure Club Wakefield

Enjoy the summer months but make sure you book in some self-care whatever that means to you.


Written By Sophie Mei Lan