Stay at Cedar Court Hotel for the Army Foundation College Graduation in Harrogate

10th August 2023

Celebrating Achievements at the Army Foundation College Harrogate

Every year, Harrogate buzzes with excitement. Why? The Army Foundation College hosts a grand parade to honour its Junior Soldiers. Families from all corners come to join the celebration. And the big question is, where to stay? The best answer is the Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate, the top Army Foundation College Graduation Hotel Harrogate.

Why Choose Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate?

Our hotel stands out for families coming for the graduation. It’s not just a place to sleep; it’s a home away from home. We’re super close to the action. In fact, we’re just a quick 15-minute drive from the college. So, you won’t miss any part of the parade.

Moreover, after the event, there’s so much to do. Harrogate’s town centre is just a walk away. You can shop, eat, or grab a tea. And for peace and quiet? Our rooms have a calming view of the Stray Parkland. It’s a green space perfect for some downtime the perfect Army Foundation College Graduation Hotel Harrogate.

Happy Guests Speak Up

Many families pick Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate year after year. One guest said, “We always come to Cedar Court for the Army Foundation College graduation. It’s comfy, friendly, and just perfect. We feel like it’s our second home.”

Book Now and Enjoy

The graduation day is special. It’s not just an event; it’s a day filled with pride and joy. So, make it even better. Choose Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate. With our great location, special offers, and trusted service, your stay will be unforgettable.