Spring into Action!

30th March 2022

With the dark winter nights and mornings behind us, it’s now time to spring into action this Easter by adding new life to your fitness schedule. If you feel like you’re stuck in hibernation mode, discover how you can get fit, feel healthy and boost your motivation with @CedarCourtFitness and Sophie Mei Lan/ World of Wellbeing.

Now then, how to get fit this season?

Start small

Use Lent to begin focusing on your life goals and how you want to feel by reducing unhealthy habits. Instead of ‘giving up’ everything all at once, see how you can ‘add in’ positive habits into your life. E.g if you feel an afternoon slump and normally reach for a quick fix sugary treat that leads to your blood sugar crashing, why don’t you take a break and quickly pop into an easy-to-access gym with your FITFLEX membership. Mini wins are the way forward when it comes to maintaining your motivation.

Habit stacking

Now’s the time to develop new habits. An easy way to do this is by habit stacking. What does that mean? E.g. every time you put the kettle on do star jumps or a Yoga stretch (your work mates may find that funny at first, but will soon join in. Just wait and see!). Or as soon as you have brushed your teeth in the morning, put on the gym clothes and go to the gym. It will become your second nature in no time. Trust us!

Preparation is key

Layout your gym clothes the evening before, to set your intentions for the following day and make the transition as easy as possible.

Sauna room

Plan in treats

If you workout 3 times a week for a month, treat yourself to a spa day or whatever luxury you enjoy. Or if you’re a member of Cedar Court Wakefield and if you have time, you can enjoy a sauna, steam room, or hot tub after every workout! Who wouldn’t like that?

Health club reception desk

Don’t wait, take action

Stop beating yourself up for ‘yesterday,’ or letting yourself go off track, focus that energy on what you can do not ‘shoulda woulda coulda.’ Don’t wait until ‘ Monday,’ ‘after Easter’ or ‘Summer’ or whatever else, take action today. Sign up for a FITFLEX membership and commit to
giving yourself a new lease of life this season.


Written by Sophie Mei Lan



Spring into action today

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