Our Top Wedding Planning Tips for 2022!

3rd March 2022

The wedding season is upon us again! After nearly two years of disruption, we face an almost survival of the fittest situation when it comes to planning your dream wedding! But don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Whether you are newly engaged, had to postpone, or even put your planning completely on hold. Now is the perfect time to get your big day back on track! Our team of experienced Wedding Coordinators put together the ‘Holy Grail’ of top tips that every bride and groom should know in 2022!


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Be flexible.

If we learned anything during the pandemic, it is the word flexible! Venues are getting booked up very fast. Some now even report having availability for 2023 only! Sit down and think about what is important for you and your partner and what you expect from your Big Day. It may be adjusting the location or moving your wedding day to a weekday to get you what you want?

Insider’s tip! If you are opting for a civil ceremony, be sure to check the date and time is available with your local Registrar. Do that before booking your venue.


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Set your budget.
Agree on the wedding budget with your partner from the beginning and be honest about it. There is nothing worse than juggling your expectations and your budget when it comes to one of the most important days of your life. Setting your priorities and sticking to them will go a long way. There are also clever solutions a good wedding coordinator will help you with. Be creative and don’t be afraid of DYI. Add thoughtful touches, such as flip-flops as wedding favours. Repurpose your flowers from Ceremony to Reception. Pick a colour scheme. This will make it so much easier when planning things such as Bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and décor!

Insider’s tip! Contract your event to a minimum number or a package number. You can always add on more once all your RSVPs have come back!


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Choose suppliers who understand your vision
Meet your vendors in person and get to know them, check their vibe. It is important to make sure they are the right personality fit for you and your partner. That they understand what you want to achieve and can deliver on their promise. You may fall in love with the photographs on the website or Instagram feed. But remember that you will spend most of your day with your photographer. Sometimes even more time than your partner! So, the chemistry must be right from the get-go.

Insider’s tip! Be sure to meet your Photographer and Operations Manager before your big day. So, you know who your point of contact is on the day.


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Be trusting and open.
Trust your suppliers, wedding coordinator, and everyone involved. They do know their stuff, and micromanaging will not help. Rectangle napkin or square? None of your guests will mind at the end of the day and neither should you. Make your decision, stick to it, and move on. Make time for the fun part of the planning process.

Insider’s tip! Most Wedding Managers are professionals and perfectionists at the same time. Believe it or not, they have your best interests in their heart. They do want you to have the best day you can have!


 Choose a menu YOU will enjoy

It is important that you have the food you and your partner love regardless of what uncle Bob will say! Always remember what is the most important for the two of you (it is your day after all). Also, keep in mind that the best venues offer mix and match rather than set options. That way you can get what you really want and fit within your budget.

Insider’s tip! Arrange for a food tasting session with your wedding venue. You will have the opportunity to request any changes before ‘locking’ the menu. Plus, you get to meet the Chef (which is always an experience)!


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Book an extra day

Relax. Enjoying the experience before your wedding is as important as your big day. We recommend you book a day before the wedding day in the venue. You can also get a part of your ‘To Do’ list done a day before. Get your clothes delivered a day in advance to the wedding venue. Squash the possibility of being late for your hair and makeup appointment. Get your stylist to come to you.

Insider’s tip! Treat yourself to a tasty dinner, unwind and get a good night’s sleep. It will set the mood for the following day.


Don’t sweat the small stuff!
Weddings are real-life events produced by human beings. And sometimes, things can go out of control – hello, rain when you expect sunshine. It is how you react and roll with things that make or break a great event. Try not to spend it worrying as that is what your Event Manager is there for. Make up your mind from the beginning that you are going to have a fabulous day and you know what? You will!

The biggest tip is to enjoy the day and make the most of every second as every couple always says the day goes far too fast. Take time to spend only with your new husband/wife in the day. Even if it’s 15 minutes as it can be so easy to end up not spending any time together.


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If you would like to chat to our Wedding Coordinators and see what our venues let us know here, we would love to hear from you!