Meet the Team – Jane!

6th March 2024

Meet Jane Swithenbank: Orchestrating Unforgettable Experiences at Cedar Court Hotels

In the bustling world of hospitality, Jane Swithenbank stands out as the Groups Coordinator at Cedar Court Hotels, adding her personal touch to every event. Known for her warm demeanour and dedication, Jane has been an integral part of the Cedar Court family for an impressive 24 years.

Personal Touch: Brews, Walks, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Want to know Jane’s brew of choice? It’s Yorkshire Tea, with a splash of milk and no sugar. In her free time, she finds solace in walking through the dales, offering a perfect way to clear her head. But did you know that this seemingly serene professional once shared the stage with the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in Blackpool? Talk about hidden talents!

Professional Journey: A 40-Year Affair with Hospitality With a whopping 24 years under her belt at Cedar Court Hotels, Jane’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. Inspired by the thrill of working shifts and being part of a dynamic team, she took the plunge into hospitality, completing a challenging 720 diploma in reception, restaurant and housekeeping at college all in 1 year.

Her portfolio of managed events spans a diverse spectrum – from disabled football teams to the glitz of drag queens and dancers, Jane has done it all.

Insider’s View: Gardens and Behind-the-Scenes Magic While guests often overlook it, Jane’s favourite spot in the hotels is the serene gardens, especially when the weather allows. And when it comes to showcasing the spirit of Cedar Court Hotels, Jane has a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes stories that embody the hotel’s commitment to excellence.

Customer Service Philosophy: Tailoring Each Experience Jane’s approach to ensuring a unique and memorable experience for each group is simple yet effective – she personally speaks to each group manager to understand their needs and preferences. When unexpected challenges arise during events, her calm and collected demeanour ensures seamless solutions.

Local Insights: Hidden Gems and Culinary Delights As a local expert, Jane recommends exploring the gems around Cedar Court Hotels. From the cultural richness of Haworth and Saltaire to the scenic beauty of the Dales and Skipton, she unveils the local treasures. And for those seeking culinary delights, Jane’s list includes curry houses in Bradford, The Drum and Monkey, The Ivy, Bettys, Pappa Mediterranean, Lasandros, and Gramee Lounge.

Looking Forward: Exciting Initiatives and the Future of Group Events Looking to the future, Jane is tight-lipped about the new initiatives she’s brewing for group guests, leaving us in eager anticipation. However, her vision for group events at Cedar Court Hotels is clear – an atmosphere of fun, seamless organization, and unforgettable experiences.

Fun and Light-hearted: Sylvester Stallone in the Room? In the realm of unusual requests, Jane recalls the time when someone asked for Sylvester Stallone in their room. While she couldn’t deliver the Hollywood star, she was able to get a framed photo of the star on their pillow. Jane’s dedication to meeting guests’ needs is truly commendable.

Personal Favourites: Christmas Magic and Fond Memories As for her favourite season at the hotels, Jane’s heart belongs to Christmas – a time of festive magic and joy. And when asked for a favourite story or anecdote from her time at Cedar Court Hotels, Jane’s warm smile tells tales of countless cherished memories.

In Jane Swithenbank, Cedar Court Hotels has not just a Groups Coordinator but a seasoned guide, creating experiences that linger in the hearts of every guest. Her passion, professionalism, and a touch of whimsy make her an invaluable asset to the Cedar Court family. Cheers to Jane and the magic she brings to Cedar Court Hotels!