Leadership Event in Association with Henshaws, 2inspire, and Cedar Court Hotels

8th August 2023

A transformative leadership event is on the horizon, spearheaded by the distinguished Rob Northfield. With a legacy spanning over four decades in leadership cultivation and business growth, Rob’s training ventures have revolutionised mindsets, yielding remarkable outcomes for participants.

Rob’s journey is a testament to resilience. Hailing from the challenging terrains of London’s East End, he grew up in a cramped space with six family members. This environment fostered an unwavering resolve to excel. His professional foray into training began with Dale Carnegie Training in the 1980s. Although presented with an opportunity to lead the New York City office by Dale Carnegie HQ, Rob’s allegiance to the UK prevailed. He transformed the Yorkshire region into a global Dale Carnegie powerhouse. Later, he established 2inspire, which evolved into Quarterdeck, introducing the groundbreaking Inspirational Leadership Programme. Today, Rob dedicates his retirement to philanthropic endeavours.

In a heartwarming gesture, both Rob and Cedar Court Hotels have pledged that all event proceeds will benefit Henshaws charity. This initiative will bolster Henshaws’ mission to uplift those grappling with disabilities and visual challenges in the vicinity.

Rob expressed, “This Leadership Programme is crafted to prompt introspection, fostering personal and professional growth. It’s an honour to contribute to Henshaws, a beacon of hope for the differently-abled.”

Scheduled for 22nd September 2023, the event will unfold at Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate, commencing at 8.00 am. Attendees can anticipate a breakfast session followed by a networking lunch, fostering collaboration and idea exchange.

Wayne Topley, Cedar Court Hotels’ Managing Director, remarked, “Supporting Henshaws’ commendable initiatives aligns with our ethos. This event not only showcases our revamped ballroom but also underscores our commitment to community upliftment.”

The workshop targets individuals eager to elevate their personal and professional trajectories. Flora Simpson from Henshaws added, “From business magnates to self-growth enthusiasts, the event promises a diverse audience. The curriculum encompasses leadership dynamics, memory enhancement, positivity cultivation, motivation strategies, and work-life balance insights.”

For participation, tickets are priced at £75.00. Reach out to Flora Simpson at flora.simpson@henshaws.org.uk for bookings. Given the noble cause, a full house is anticipated.

In conclusion, Flora conveyed gratitude towards Rob and Wayne for their unwavering support. “Such initiatives metamorphose the lives of our students and artisans. We’re optimistic about this leadership event becoming a staple in our annual calendar.”

Henshaws stands as a beacon of hope for over 7,000 individuals, encompassing the visually impaired, disabled, and those with multifaceted learning challenges. Their core belief resonates with universal rights to independence and a fulfilling existence.