Empowering Future Hospitality Leaders

30th October 2023

Cedar Court Hotels’ Journey with the Junior Board

At Cedar Court Hotels, empowering the next generation of hospitality leaders isn’t just a mission; it’s our commitment. In our collaboration with the Junior Board for York and North Yorkshire Hospitality, we are thrilled to have Oliver Stott, our esteemed Hotel Manager, and Becki Maud, our dedicated Learning and Development Manager, actively contributing as mentors.

Oliver Stott: A Mentor Guiding the Way

With a wealth of experience and a passion for nurturing talent, Oliver Stott, our Hotel Manager, stands as a guiding light for the aspiring hospitality professionals on the Junior Board. His insights, leadership skills, and industry knowledge are invaluable assets for the program. Through mentorship, Oliver is actively shaping the future leaders of our industry, emphasizing the values of teamwork, innovation, and guest-centric service.

Becki Maud: Delivering Training that Transforms

Becki Maud, our Learning and Development Manager, is a driving force behind the skill-building initiatives within the Junior Board program. Becki’s expertise lies in delivering targeted training sessions focusing on key skills such as Communication, Self Management, Creative Problem Solving, and Collaboration. Through her dedication, participants are not just learning; they are evolving, gaining practical skills that are essential for success in the dynamic hospitality sector.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Collective Effort

Our collaboration with the Junior Board is not just about mentoring; it’s a holistic effort to redefine the future of hospitality. Together, with Oliver and Becki leading the way, Cedar Court Hotels is committed to providing not only theoretical knowledge but also practical, real-world skills. Through mentorship, personalised coaching, engaging sustainability projects and strategic collaborations with educational institutions, we are fostering a new generation of hospitality professionals.

Join Us in Shaping a Thriving Future

At Cedar Court Hotels, our role in the Junior Board is more than a partnership; it’s a pledge to make a difference. As we shape the future of hospitality, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, let’s inspire, mentor, and empower the leaders of tomorrow!