Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield’s Joe Bentley Wins “Wellbeing Champion” Award at The Burnt Chef Project Awards

26th March 2024

Cedar Court Hotels Yorkshire celebrates with immense pride as Joe Bentley, our Head Chef at Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield, receives the “Wellbeing Champion” accolade at The Burnt Chef Project Awards. This award, announced at the brilliant event on 25th March 2024 at ExCeL London, recognised individuals within hospitality who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to mental health awareness and support.

Joe’s distinctive approach combines empathy, proactive support, and innovative well-being initiatives, making significant strides in de-stigmatising mental health discussions within our organisation and beyond. He facilitates open conversations, takes part in fundraising activities, and was key in the awareness of the Burnt Chef wristband distribution, encouraging staff and peers to engage in meaningful discussions about mental health.

Wayne Topley, Managing Director at Cedar Court Hotels Yorkshire, said, “Joe’s ability to connect, support, and inspire, particularly among our younger team members, is remarkable. His straightforward, compassionate communication style, coupled with his tenacity and emotional intelligence, has fostered a culture of openness and inclusivity across our hotels.”

Joe’s initiatives extend far beyond the kitchen, impacting the entire company and the wider community. Participating in charitable activities like Maggie’s hike, Joe’s dedication to well-being is evident in his every action. His role in educational outreach, particularly through the Burnt Chef college talks, showcases his natural ability to inspire and educate others about the importance of mental health.

Reflecting on his award, Joe Bentley expressed, “Thrilled to win the ‘well-being champion’ award at the love hospitality awards from The Burnt Chef Project, against tough competitors. It was an incredible evening, highlighting Kris Hall and his team’s dedication to challenging stigma within hospitality. The night was perfect, especially with Russel Kane’s hilarious performance and the excellent food from Thomas Franks London.

I would also like to thank Cedar Court Hotels Yorkshire, Steve Collinson, Wayne Topley, and especially Becki Maud. Their support has been pivotal in my journey to advocating for mental health awareness. Here’s to making a difference, one step at a time!”

Joe Bentley’s impact, particularly on the younger members of our team, his resilience in facing challenges, and his innovative approaches to wellbeing, underscore the essence of the “Wellbeing Champion” award. His efforts not only highlight the importance of mental health support in the hospitality industry but also pave the way for ongoing conversation for change.

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