Book a Date With Yourself…

4th March 2022

Whether you were in a relationship or not last month on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to book a date with yourself first at the gym.

Spending some time out to focus on your own health and fitness is the ultimate self-care for your mind and body.

Don’t wait for someone else to show you affection, start by loving yourself first. Exercise is a great way to start you on your own journey to self-love as it boosts your mood, motivation, reduces stress, and builds your confidence.

Reframing exercise as self-care helps us to enjoy the process as it is a way of regularly taking care of ourselves. Plus having the mindset that you are ‘looking after yourself’ will help you feel good inside out and can boost your motivation levels while also ensuring we are listening to what your mind and body needs to feel well.


Here’s how and why you should book regular dates with yourself at the gym.

  • It helps you to escape the busyness of the outside world. Having ‘time out,’ helps you to recharge and take a break.
  • People used to slog for hours in the gym until a few years ago high-intensity interval training gained popularity but these days, people are more concerned with listening to their bodies, and rightly so.

The good news is short efficient workouts are extremely beneficial but HIIT can stress your mind and body so while there is a place for them in some workout programmes, by training regularly and lower impact can give you the results you desire for your mind and body. This in turn will lead to better motivation levels as you’re not reaching burnout.

  • Short and sweet: Just 3-5 30 minute workouts a week can give you the time you need to exercise to achieve optimal results. Plus a FITFLEX membership ensures your workouts are fuss-free when you’re a member of Cedar Court Hotels easy-to-access facilities.
  • Use this time to check in with yourself, notice how you’re feeling. How is your body? Are you tired or energetic today? We often neglect our feelings which can exasperate issues and even injuries.
  • Rather than dating someone else where you’re giving out energy, you can use this date with yourself to put everything into you. You will always feel better after the date too and the rewards linger on.
  • Exercise improves our sleep and also encourages healthy eating habits.

How @CedarCourtFitness can support you on your journey…

There’ll be something that suits your needs whether that be FITFLEX Gym access in Huddersfield and Bradford allowing self check-in and out perfect for a quick fuss-free fitness fix. Or Wakefield’s Leisure Club means you can have an all inclusive self-care date with yourself or a loved one as they have a swimming pool, hot tub, and spa and even serve afternoon tea.

Let every month be a month of self-care and self-love.


Written by Sophie Mei Lan