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Campaign launched to cut tourism VAT

Posted: 03 Jul 2014 by | with 2 comments


The UK is a fantastic place with many varied places to discover and enjoy.  Whatever you’re looking for is on offer – from quiet little villages offering peace and tranquillity to major metropolises full of vibrant life.  And the great thing is, most of it is ready and waiting for you at the end of a short car, coach or train journey.  No passport required.

Poster for the campaign to Cut Tourism VATFrom our 4-star hotels in Harrogate, Huddersfield/HalifaxLeeds/Bradford and Wakefield you can explore the rugged countryside, take in world class museums or attend international sporting events.


So why do we head abroad, rejecting what’s on our doorstep in favour of foreign climes?

For lots of people it comes down to one thing: money (something us Yorkshire folk don’t like spending too much of if you listen to rumours!).


Keeping up with our international competitors

With package holiday operators cutting their prices by driving down prices with their suppliers abroad it often appears cheaper to jet off for our holidays – and it’s costing our economy a fortune.

Which is why campaigners are seeking the government’s help. And 60 MPs are backing them!

EU rules allow for governments to implement lower rates of tax in the case of tourism. Only 4 countries choose not to do this – immediately putting them behind their competitors.  The UK is on this list of 4.


Cutting tourims VAT - more or less money for the Government?

So what will reducing the VAT on hotel accommodation and tourist attractions to 5% achieve?
Contrary to what you may think, it is suggested that it would actually help the Chancellor and the Exchequer. It has been calculated that for every additional jumbo jet full of visitors that arrives from China, the economy is swelled to the tune of around £200,000. Over 10 years, it would potentially contribute an estimated £2.6 billion to the Treasury.

Beyond that, jobs would be created (somewhere in the region on 80,000 of them) and maybe those of us living in the country would begin to appreciate just what we have and will be encouraged to explore what’s contained within our own borders.

How much could you save?
Price (20% VAT) Price (5% VAT) Difference
£5.00 £4.38 £0.62
£10.00 £8.75 £1.25
£50.00 £43.75 £6.25
£100 £87.50 £12.50
£250 £218.75 £31.25


Enjoy the best the UK has to offer - Yorkshire!

Going abroad is great but with so much to discover here – especially in Yorkshire, of course – it’s a little strange that people have to board a plane for their holidays just to save some money.

Click here for mre information about the Campaign to Cut Tourism VAT


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I couldn't resist commenting. Very well written!
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